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All proceeds go to sending an underprivileged child to summer camp in Muskoka Ontario.


Down at the lakehouse
Muskoka Ontario
The sunlight is playing on the water
It shines.
We sit here silently
Through making exit plans
And grand escapes.

We were hoping for something, but all that keeps coming is
This feeling here in the woods.
White birches and visions, and when we just listen
We find out there is something good
Down at the lakehouse.

More vacant than silence,
Our thoughts have all paddled out
To build their fires
On tiny islands.
Both heavy and weightless, we jump in
And swim to the echoes of loon calls.
Brother, we were born to fall.

You say, with a shiver, if we just stay till winter
We can freeze ourselves in the ice
And when the spring softens the soil for our coffins
We can swim in the afterlife
Down at the lakehouse.

Down at the lakehouse
Mother please don't wake us
Down at the lakehouse
Wherever this dream takes us
Sister, life is splitting at the sides.

Tried thinking of something but all that kept coming were
These voices that said we should
Be keeping our distance, but we didn't listen
We found out that there's something good

Yeah, there's something good.

On our backs floating
We stare at the dark star-speckled sky
With open eyes.


from Lakehouse EP, track released July 1, 2013
daniel pirrie - guitar, slide guitar
jesse thom - vocals



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Old Muskoka Toronto, Ontario

collaboration between guitarist Dan Pirrie and vocalist Jesse Thom

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